The characteristics of plastic plates
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The characteristics of plastic plates

Characteristic one

<1> Chemical resistance

<2> Glossy, partially transparent or translucent

<3> Most of them are good insulators

<4> Light weight and rugged

<5> Easy processing can be mass-produced and cheap

<6> wide range of uses, utility, easy to color, some high temperature

(7) storage of goods can play a moisture-proof effect

Characteristics II

① most of the plastic light, chemical stability, not rust;

② good impact resistance;

③ has good transparency and abrasion resistance;

④ good insulation, low thermal conductivity;

⑤ general shape, good coloring, low processing costs;

⑥ most of the plastic heat resistance is poor, thermal expansion rate, easy to burn;

⑦ dimensional stability is poor, easy to deformation;

⑧ most of the low temperature resistance of plastic poor, low temperature brittle;

⑨ easy to aging;

⑩ some plastic soluble in the solvent. The characteristics of plastic plates