Requirements for rock wool blanket

Requirements for rock wool blanket

1. pay attention to rain, can not be built in the rain.

2. For the cold must be in the anti-moisture layer, in the special conditions of low temperature, with no resin Yan Kuang adiabatic, the moisture-proof layer must also be fire

3. When the temperature exceeds a certain temperature, such as: 200 ℃, the insulation must be appropriate to the external care, so that will not rockblanket board thickness and bulk density changes.

4. For large diameter and flat wall equipment with rock wool finished insulation, beyond 200 ℃, we must bear in mind rock wool blanket manufacturers told: plus insulation nails, (spacing 400mm or so) to be close to the external care.

5. To be insulated equipment, insulation nails and pipes in order to facilitate corrosion, can accept the appropriate coating. In addition there should be no leakage of the place. This can achieve better results.

6. Yanmian board products in the case of outdoor insulation under the circumstances susceptible to mechanical wear should be appropriate metal or plastic foreskin, and then pay attention to the joints of the seams of the seal, when necessary, plus gelatinous seal, the stacking layer is not less than 100mm

7. When the insulation object was placed 90 degrees, and a certain height, the rock wool blanket insulation layer must have a locating pin or support ring, the spacing must not be greater than 3 meters, to prevent the insulation information in the vibration down when sliding The

8. In order to achieve the heat to minimize the minimum target, rock wool blanket and felt joints must be tightly connected, if there are multiple layers of insulation when the cross need to intertwine, so as not to form a thermal bridge, in the cold must be root cold bridge.

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