Purchase analysis of aluminum-plastic composite plate

Analysis of aluminum-plastic composite plate to buy points, seven points should be noted:

1, aluminium composite panel--whether smooth surface, no rippling, bubbling, Kinabalu point, Nick.

2, measuring--measurement of aluminium composite panel is to meet international requirements, interior wall Board 3mm, 4mm wall panel or above, and the thickness of the aluminum must be 0.5mm.

3, folding a corner – aluminium composite panel, easy to break or not PE material doped with fake.

4, burn-the-middle of the aluminum-plastic composite panel material, real PE smoldering, burned fake-doped impurities.

5 when bending, plane-the tank, front breaks.

6,--butanone identification plate for exterior wall fluorocarbon coatings, drops of dimethylbenzene identification inside wall coating, erase reagents after 5 minutes to see if threadbare.

7, to-the-request manufacturer inspection report, warranty book, ISO-9002 international quality certification, these manufacturers are regular factory production to ensure product quality, the same price than quality, the same quality than price.