Production performance of calcium silicate ceiling

Production performance of calcium silicate ceiling

Fire performance

Calcium silicate ceiling are nonflammable A1 grade materials, in case of fire, the plate will not burn, it will not produce toxic fumes.

Waterproof performance

Calcium silicate ceilings have excellent water resistance, in the bathroom, bathroom and other high humidity places, still able to maintain the performance of stability, will not swell or deformation.

high strength

Calcium silicate ceiling are high in strength, and the strength of 6mm thick plates is much larger than 9.5mm thick plain gypsum board. Calcium silicate board wall solid and reliable, easy to damage rupture.

Dimensional stability

Calcium silicate ceilings are formulated with advanced formulations, produced under tight quality control, and wetting and shrinking rates are controlled in the most desirable range.

Thermal insulation

Calcium silicate ceilings have a good thermal insulation properties, 10mm thick wall insulation performance is better than ordinary brick wall effect, but also has a good sound insulation effect.

long lasting

Calcium silicate ceiling with stable performance, acid and alkali, not easy to corrosion, it will not be moisture or insects and other damage, can guarantee a long service life.

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