New trends in home design

New trends in home design

As one of the basic needs of mankind, interior design related to the living space to bring people the experience and feeling, different historical period of interior design after the technical means, material, cultural elements and social environment after the integration of shaping, blooming brilliant The life of glory, and constantly with a new look presented. Modern design has expanded from product design to cultural design, environmental design, atmosphere design, from the "survival consciousness" to "environmental awareness", experience consciousness, sensory awareness, indoor set of trends:

First, luxury change

Although the minimalism, neoclassicism, Jane European style and so popular, and even become a design representative, but is gradually being more visual shock jade instead of luxury. This luxury due to the popularity of microcrystalline stone tiles and become a trend in interior design. In the design to attract a variety of classical, warm and comfortable, personalized, high-tech and other elements, the pursuit of design style is different, refused to follow the crowd, demanding high-end distinguished art vision, to create the top enjoyment of life; High expectations

Second, emotional

Home design is the expression of emotion, is the return of human nature. Home design is a life, a good space design, although not self-speech, but it is the designer's emotional talk. Interior design will reduce the complexity of the pile of decorative techniques, more of the functional, spatial understanding and spiritual aspects of thinking. Concerned about the openness of the space and the original expression, to help people's emotions can be in the space to get sustenance.

Third, the shape and spirit of a unified

Interior decoration and the use of a variety of materials should be committed to creating a pleasant atmosphere, people can relax in which the mood, cultivate fun. For the appearance of the house has been fixed, the indoor layout can not change the case, the designer suggested to pay attention to attention, diversification, compound with. At the same time the application of modern intelligent technology, it is a new generation of interior design of the basic requirements, to material, function, space,

Fourth, naturalization

People are longing for nature, with natural materials, eager to live in a natural green environment, which is the user demand level of the trend, the corresponding changes in interior design, in the residential atmosphere to create a comfortable atmosphere, emphasizing the natural color and natural materials, Using many folk art techniques and style. On this basis, designers continue to "natural" efforts to create new texture effect, the use of concrete abstract design techniques to make people think of nature, feel the natural, more and more way, I believe the designers will Keep working in this direction.


Decoration is a regrettable works of art, in fact, interior design is to reduce this regret to a minimum. With the richness of material wealth, people require a variety of indoor objects between the unity of the overall beauty of harmony. Interior design should be space, shape, color and the relationship between the actual situation to grasp the grasp of the relationship between the function, the creation of artistic conception and coordination with the surrounding environment. Many successful interior design examples are artically emphasized overall unity works.