Main classification of water permeable brick

1, General permeable bricks: made of ordinary gravel compaction of porous concrete materials for General street pedestrian walkways, plazas, is generalized paving products.

2, polymer concrete bricks: made of granite stone aggregate, high-strength cement and cement-polymer reinforcement and blended polypropylene fibers, feed ratio more closely, stirring after compaction, mainly for municipal sidewalks, important works and residential road pavement, squares, car parks and other venues.

3, and color stone composite concrete permeable brick: material surface layer for natural color granite, and marble and modified sex epoxy resin glued, again and bottom polymer fiber more hole concrete by suppressed composite forming, this products surface layer gorgeous, natural color, has and stone General of texture, and concrete composite Hou, strength above stone and cost is slightly higher than concrete permeable brick, and price is stone tiles of 1/2, is a economic, and high-end of Pu to products. Mainly for the business district, a large Plaza, hotel parking and luxury residential villas and other places.

Starlore species of oxygen permeable brick 4, color: material aggregate imports for natural stone and epoxy glue, formed by a special process, this product can be prefabricated, can also be poured on site, and spelled out a variety of line art and color, to give people a pleasant feeling. Mainly for landscape engineering and luxury residential villas.

5, concrete tiles: made of sand, cement, water, and then add a certain proportion of products made of concrete with waterproof agent. This product with resin porous, water permeable ceramic brick, the gap compared to the pervious brick, low production costs, making the process simple and easy to operate. Widely used in highways, airport runways, roadways, sidewalks, plazas and gardens range