Latex pillow cleaning method

Latex pillow cleaning method 

Latex pillow with natural environmental protection, non-polluting non-toxic, anti-allergy and so on. According to any engineering principles designed to effectively promote sleep, effective prevention of snoring, suitable for asthma patients. Latex pillow can effectively reduce the static electricity between the body and the fiber, honeycomb structure, with good permeability, rapid dissemination of the human body heat, scientific formula a molding, durable and never deformation.

Can be used to clean water: latex pillow is the most convenient can be washed, natural latex pillow easy to manually wash (generally do not need, just gently tapping can), as long as the dehydration after the fan dry, or oven low temperature drying, never Deformation, easy maintenance, folding, good collection, is the pursuit of healthy sleep the most comfortable choice.

Cleaning, must be manual hand washing, can not be placed in the washing machine or other equipment in the washing, because it will be twisted.

Hand wash, try to squeeze the way.

As the product cleaning, will absorb a lot of water, weight doubled, try to move in the water. Remove the water, do not grab a small corner of the pull,

Because the excess pillow will break, cleaning treatment, must be like tofu-like, holding the center of gravity (central part) and most of the volume, carefully remove the water.

After washing, dry towels or other materials will be absorbent, with both hands dry, try to avoid strong sun direct exposure. To speed up the drying time,

After hanging, it is recommended that every 2-3 hours, squeeze the bottom of the hand, the excess water can be discharged, and the fan blowing.

If only a small area, just wipe with a wet towel placed in the ventilation, a few days later you can use.

When the sweat: latex products will evaporate their own water, without special drying.

Product color: natural latex products in use after a period of time with the air oxidation, the color gradually turn yellow, is a normal phenomenon, no special worry.

Latex product collection: do not pressure heavy objects, do not put in the wet space.

If consumers use the vacuum bag collection products, do not store more than six months, when removed if the product can not reply to the original shape, as long as the placement of one or two days.