Laminated MDF panels of the main features

Laminated MDF panels of the main features

 1.The internal structure is uniform, the density is moderate, the dimensional stability is good, the deformation is small.

 2. Bending strength, internal bond strength, elastic modulus, plate and plate edge grip screw force and other physical and mechanical properties are better than particleboard.

  3. The surface is smooth and smooth, easy to secondary processing, can be affixed peeling veneer, sliced veneer, paint paper, impregnated paper, can also be directly painted and printed decoration.

  4. Medium density fiberboard larger format, thickness can also be in the range of 2.5 ~ 35mm changes, according to different purposes of production.

  5. Machining performance is good, sawing, drilling, opening tenon, milling groove, sanding and other processing performance similar to wood, and some even better than wood.

  6. Laminated MDF panels easy to carve and milling into a variety of profiles, the shape of the furniture parts, processed into a profiled edge can not be directly edge coating and other paint treatment.

  7. Can be in the process of production of medium density fiberboard waterproofing agent, fire agents, preservatives and other chemical agents, the production of special purpose medium density fiberboard.

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