How to use kids latex pillows

    How to use kids latex pillows

There are many varieties of kids latex pillows in the market, so be sure to read the instructions carefully before use, and parents must pay more attention to some common pillow use knowledge.

Pillow safety issues

The safety of the children is the first, the pillow itself may not have serious safety problems, but because the baby can not adjust their own acres of sleep so the sleeping posture may also cause suffocation and other safety issues: supine and lying sleep may be the problem, The first choice for the kids latex pillow must not be too soft, the other is the parents of care must be timely and serious. Another problem with the care is the baby moving the head will get rid of the pillow: after the full moon, the baby has enough power to move the head, so if careful observation of infants and young children will find, usually in their sleep state after an hour or so Tend to leave the pillow, so adults must always be concerned about and care for the baby, to avoid the use of pillows to start the kida latex pillow slide open and accident.

How to correct head type

Reasonable "sleeping position" on the baby head play a decisive role, choose the appropriate "sleeping position", is the main method of correcting baby head type. In talking about "sleeping position" before the first to warn Mom and Dad is, do not let the baby only used to a certain sleeping position, once this posture fixed down, in order to correct will be difficult. If the mother heard that the baby should be the right side of the bed to sleep, it has been so that the baby so sleep, the results of the first sleeping, and habits are difficult to correct, so be sure to let the baby to adapt to a variety of sleeping position, born from the baby first Days to do so. Generally considered that the side is the baby's best "sleeping position" choice, but must not forget, side, or should take the left side and right side of the alternate method. Experts recommend regular exchange posture sleep is conducive to the baby to sleep beautiful head type, should be every 2-3 hours to give the baby to replace a sleep latex pillow cloth material should also choose a good permeability material, so as not to be too boring, airtight baby allergies. Kids latex pillow pillowcase should be selected with cotton cloth production, some high-end can use a smooth silk pillowcases. In addition, the baby's metabolism, the head sweating more, easy to soak the pillow, sweat and dandruff mixed, easy to make some pathogenic microorganisms and mites, dust and other allergens attached to the pillow, not only smell, Easily lead to bronchial asthma or lead to skin infections. Therefore, the baby's pillowcases, pillow core should always wash and dry.

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