​ How to choose pillows for toddlers

How to choose pillows for toddlers

1, three months can not need to pillow: born baby lying down to sleep, back and back of the head in the same plane, neck, back muscles naturally relaxed. Baby head, almost shoulder width, side of the head and the body is also in the same plane. Therefore, in principle there is no need to use pillows. But because people's mattresses are generally softer, too many children's beds, if the newborns with some lower pillow, no harm.

2,  pillows for toddlers stage of applicability: baby pillow emphasizes the stage of applicability, each period should be used different pillows, not a pillow from small to large, but can not use adult pillow to make use of children. Pillow children 3 months after the beginning of learning to rise, the spine neck forward physiological bending. Therefore, in order to maintain the physiological bending, to maintain comfortable position, the baby began to use the pillow 3 months after birth, three months before you can also use a special baby pillow head, or towel pad. Baby pillow height to 3-4 cm is appropriate, and according to the baby development status, gradually adjust the height of the pillow; pillow length and baby's shoulder with the most appropriate width.

3,  pillows for toddlers material: children pillow core texture should be soft, lightweight, breathable, good hygroscopicity, the proposed pillow core should not be used too soft material, because the child prone position, and not easy to self-adjustment, too soft pillow will have safe question. Pillow and head contact area can be made with the shape of the back of the head similar to the pillowcase should be made of cotton cloth. Suitable for the baby pillow with double-sided body, side with tartary buckwheat shell, elastic fit, breathable, while the use of negative oxygen ions Zhenzhu Mian, to maintain a better comfort, winter and summer can be dual-use, cold and warm can be used.

4, the use of pillows for toddlers: Some parents mistakenly think that the baby sleep some pillow can make the skull grow strong, his head looks looks good, in fact, this is wrong, the child skull is soft, the door and the skull is not yet Completely closed, long-term use of fine texture of the pillow, easy to cause deformation of the head, or side of the face, side of the face is small, affecting the appearance of beautiful. Pillow expert - fit treasure recommended children to use the appropriate baby treasure pillow in the baby pillow soft surface. Pediatric metabolic exuberant, sweating more head, easy to soak the pillow when sleeping, sweat and dandruff mixed easy to make the pathogenic microorganisms adhere to the pillow, easily lead to facial eczema and scalp infection. Therefore, the baby's pillow core should always be exposed in the sun, it is best to change once a year pillow, pillowcases to often wash often change, keep clean.

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