Exterior wall panels

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Exterior wall panels

The material is made of polyester paint or fluorocarbon paint, carved aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate, polyurethane insulation layer and glass fiber cloth. It is mainly used in the manufacture of new exterior wall decoration insulation material developed in recent years. Gymnasium, library, school and hospital office buildings, villas and other buildings of the external walls of decorative and energy-saving transformation; the main function for the building decoration, thermal insulation, heat insulation, waterproof and mildew.

Metal surface decoration insulation board is the industrial production of large format plug-in wall panels, dry installation, durability, low maintenance costs, set the external wall insulation and decorative functions in one, in line with building energy efficiency "modular" technology development, Is China's building wall insulation technology to promote the field of an advanced technology.

Exterior wall panels construction

Board structure: metal exterior layer + insulation layer + lining

Exterior surface: high-quality color coated steel, printed steel, aluminum and magnesium alloy plate.

■ suitable for the new public buildings, civil buildings outside the wall insulation.

■ Energy-saving enclosure system for frame structures.