Classification of modern wall art

Classification of modern wall art

Modern wall art can be divided into four categories:

Hand painted

Hand-painted refers to purely hand-painted, drawing the pattern directly on a piece of material and then pasting it on the wall. This manual painting of the material can be divided into two kinds of high-grade and ordinary class. High-grade class of silk, gold foil, etc., ordinary with Xuan paper.

Hand painting

Hand painted by painting directly through the drawing of the drawings on the wall of the painting, dedicated material for the acrylic pigment.

The first to appear, is representative of the modern street graffiti and interior hand-painted murals, their practice and front

Hand-painted murals, the main social role is still indoors, indoor hand-painted frescoes away from the wind and rain and the sun, plus the use of the pigment for the world's most scientific, most high-end, the most environmentally friendly pigments - acrylic paint, its life and freshness directly All burst all hand-painted counterparts. As long as your walls are not bad, in the same environment with the acrylic paint painted indoor murals, color preservation even beyond the glass frame to protect all kinds of paintings. In the absence of man-made destruction, there is no deliberate destruction of the environment, it can even be said to be permanent discoloration, do not fall off. And the legend of the various types of oil paintings and the like, up to two years, will change color, partial yellow.

3. wall stickers

It refers to the first through the computer mapping, and then by the machine painting and painting, with different colors of ink inkjet into a combination of patterns. It is a perfect embodiment of modern industry, through the role of the machine to enhance the production efficiency.

4. Decorative painting

Decorative painting by drawing or printing out of the heart, and then with wood or wood stretched, or directly on the board painting, and then directly on the wall painting.

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