Classification of Fiber cement siding

Classification of Fiber cement siding

Fiber cement siding classification is mainly:

1, according to the fiber to points: most of the current domestic use of asbestos fiber from the enhanced role, this fiber cement board is called chrysotile fiber cement flat; the other is not asbestos fiber, with pulp, wood chips , Glass fiber to replace the asbestos fiber from the reinforcement are collectively referred to as asbestos fiber cement flat.

2, according to the density of points: low density 0.9-1.2g / cm3, medium density 1.2-1.5g / cm3 high density 1.5-2.0g / cm3. Low density is generally used for low-grade building ceiling partitions and other parts, medium density In the mid-range building wall ceiling, high density is generally used for high-grade building steel structure, steel floor, etc .; China's fiber cement board according to the national construction industry standards are divided into two categories. High-density fiber cement board defects easily deformed, low density products in the deformation coefficient to be smaller.

3, press the pressure to points: whether the pressure plate and the pressure plate of the points. In the low-density fiber cement board are no pressure plate, high density is the pressure plate. Pressure plate, also known as fiber cement pressure plate, requires a special press production, no press business can not do. According to the density of the fiber cement pressure board is divided into: 1) ordinary board, the density of 1.5-1.75g / cm3; 2) excellent board, density 1.75-1.95g / cm3; 3) special board, density 1.95g / cm3 above The

4, the thickness of the sub-points: 1) ultra-thin plate, 2.5-3.5mm; 2) conventional plate, 4-12mm; 3) thick plate, 13-30mm; 4) The general manufacturers can not do the thin plate and thick plate, which is the industry to measure the production capacity and technical level of the important basis.

National industry standards:

JC / T412.1-2006 non-asbestos fiber cement flat,

Chrysotile cotton fiber cement slabs JC / T412.2-2006.

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