Cellular glass insulation board features

1, fire insulation: foamed glass insulation boards are A1-class non-combustible inorganic materials, fire resistance for more than 3 hours, does not produce toxic gases at high temperature or fire. Because of their close rate >95%, which has excellent insulating properties.

2, heat preservation performance is good: light volume, bulk dry density for 180-250kg/m3; low thermal conductivity is less than 0.06w/m.k; low water absorption, less than 8%; is the ideal heat insulation materials.

3, high compressive strength and bonding strength: high compressive strength of cement foam insulation Board, greater than 0.5Mpa; system has good compatibility, with walls high bond strength; plate drying shrinkage value is very low, no empty drum cracking phenomenon; strong wind pressure resistance.

4, good sound insulation: foamed glass is a closed porous material, so it's also a good soundproofing material, and can have good sound insulation, reduce noise and improve the living environment.

5, and buildings with life: better system stability, aging and carbonation resistance, frost resistance of high performance, excellent weather resistance, and buildings with life. Building design life for the 50-100, the service life of organic material are mostly 20-25, secondary construction costs, environmental pollution and cause inconvenience to people's production and life.

6, the construction is simple and short: special mortar for bonding directly, easy operation, simultaneous construction, greatly shortening the construction period.