Artificial moss ball

Artificial moss ball

Green and vitality, which is the unique charm of artificial moss ball, it gives you the most natural landscape and fresh air, every day is not the same scenery.

More and more people are greening their house, this is a good thing. Whether it is a renewable energy wall or a green wall, they can save you a lot of money and reduce your carbon footprint, increase the attractiveness of your house to make it more comfortable. Recently popular decoration is artificial moss ball, implanted in an oasis at home in the people feel pleasing to the eye at the same time, but also to increase the wall insulation function. Artificial moss ball is an important tool to promote their interaction with nature, let them out of daily life, is to make their meditation tutor. Use a small artificial moss ball, so that people and nature to establish a link between.

In the busy city, the advantages of artificial moss ball more obvious. Pollution in the city is often very serious, they do not need too much, do not need too much space. They can clean air like other green plants.

Artificial Moss  Ball.jpg

Artificial Moss Ball.jpg