Wooden Acoustic Fiber Cement Boards for Interior and Exterior Panels/Boards
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Wooden Acoustic Fiber Cement Boards For Interior and Exterior Panels/Boards

In the past half century, Architects and designers are all seeking for a new acoustical product which is multifunctional and economical. Wood Wool Cement Board really helps them out on many issues of architectural acoustics.

No matter what you want is acoustic wall panels, ceiling or roof, wooden acoustic fiber cement boards can be your right choice to decorate your house. Wood Wool Cement Board (WWCB) is a versatile building material made from wood wool excelsior and cement and offers an effective, permanent and attractive solution for any kind of activity that produces undesirable noise levels within an enclosed space

wooden acoustic fiber cement boardssurface veins are elegant and distinctive, which embodies the designer’s idea and originality. It combines the advantages of both wood and concrete together: as light as wood, as firm as concrete. Sound absorption, shock resistance, fire proof, moisture proof, mildew proof, all these functions are provided. It can widely be applied to gym, theater, opera house, meeting room, church, factory, school, library, swimming hall etc.

The world wide acceptance of wooden acoustic fiber cement boards proves its versatility in applications and its durability in any climatic condition. The main characteristics are:
1.Fire resistance
2.Wet and dry rot resistance
3.Freeze-thaw resistance
4.Termite and vermin resistance
5.Thermal insulation, providing energy savings
6.Acoustic performance - sound absorption
7.Acceptance of a wide range of finishes

Fire resistance
wooden acoustic fiber cement board has been tested and classified B1 (fire resistant) according to the GB9624 standard.

Wet and dry rot resistance
Because the wood wool has been mineralized by the cement, moisture loses its effect on the board. The boards are used for interior and exterior applications and in moist conditions such as ceilings in indoor swimming pools.

Termite and vermin resistance
Tests have proven that wooden acoustic fiber cement board is not vulnerable to attack by termites or vermin, nor is WWCB subject to any biological decay. 

Thermal insulation
Because of its relatively low density, wooden acoustic fiber cement board has good thermal properties. The maximum thermal conductivity for boards of 25 mm thickness is 0.090 W/mK.

Acoustic performance
Unfinished (or spray-painted) wooden acoustic fiber cement boardshas very good acoustic absorption properties since the open surface structure allows for a high level of sound absorption. The average NRC could be 0.65.

Wood Wool Cement Boards are available in natural, painted white or custom colors, and can easily be field painted without losing their acoustical efficiency.

Thickness(mm):15mm,20mm or 25mm,
Dimension:600×600mm,600×2000mm 1220×2440mm or the other specification can be customized.

Density:350kg/m³, 580kg/m³. 

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