ool Cement Insulation Board Manufacturers
ool Cement Insulation Board Manufacturers
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Wood Wool Cement Insulation Board Manufacturers

Wood  Wool Acoustic Panel

Size:600*1200mm,1220*2440mm or 1200*2400mm.It also could be custom-made which is more expensive.


The world wide acceptance of WWCB proves its versatility in applications and its durability in any climatic condition. The main characteristics are:

  • Fire      resistance

  • Wet      and dry rot resistance

  • Freeze-thaw      resistance

  • Termite      and vermin resistance

  • Thermal      insulation, providing energy savings

  • Acoustic      performance - sound absorption

  • Acceptance      of a wide range of finishes

Fire resistance

WWCB has been tested and classified B1 (fire resistant) according to the GB9624 standard.



Wet and dry rot resistance

Because the wood wool has been mineralized by the cement, moisture loses its effect on the board. The boards are used for interior and exterior applications and in moist conditions such as ceilings in indoor swimming pools.

Termite and vermin resistance

Tests have proven that WWCB is not vulnerable to attack by termites or vermin, nor is WWCB subject to any biological decay.

Thermal insulation

Because of its relatively low density, WWCB has good thermal properties. The maximum thermal conductivity for boards of 25 mm thickness is 0.090 W/mK.

For 2- or 3-layer composite panels, the thermal conductivity will not exceed 0.040 W/mK, when a core of respectively rigid foam (e.g. polystyrene) or mineral fiber has been applied.

Acoustic performance

Unfinished (or spray-painted) WWCB has very good acoustic absorption properties since the open surface structure allows for a high level of sound absorption.


Wood Wool Cement Board are available in natural, painted white or custom colors, and can easily be field painted without losing their acoustical efficiency.

Application: Meeting rooms, hotels,auditoriums,offices,etc.