Wood Wooden Sound Acoustic Walls Panels Micro Perforated /Curved Panel
Wood Wooden Sound Acoustic Walls Panels Micro Perforated /Curved Panel
Product Details

Wood Wooden Sound Acoustic Walls Panels Micro Perforated Curced Panel

Material Description of Sound Aacoustic Wall Panels:

  1. Core material:  Many kinds of MDF board available

  2. Finishs: Melamine finished, Wood Veneer or on request

  3. Sound absorbent element : Black glued on the rear

  4. Tolerances: width +-1mm/length:+-1mm


Product Features of Wooden Acoustic Wall Panels:

  1. According to the acoustic principle and reasonable collocation, it has excellent sound absorbing function, especially      in the medium and high frequency range.

  2. With good decorative effects and board application in various places, it can be surfaced by many patterns and  natural veins.business transaction areas, multi purpose halls, conference centers, broadcast studios, music halls, cinemas & theaters, grand auditoriums, recreational towns, hotels, premium villas and residential areas etc.

  3. Contrast to traditional acoustic materials, it has a longer service life and lower cost to maintain

  4. Applied with keel and notch insertion structure, it is easy and convenient to install.

We are able to do custom walls for our customers. The custom wood acoustic walls will give you the design flexibility you need to create a uniquely beautiful space. From custom veneers, species, finishes and perforations to custom moldings and light troughs, we can help you create a custom wood wall system that fits your design vision and acoustical needs.


Support from your initial design, through product selection, integration with installation and accessories, customization, engineering, and specification to achieve the best finished installation.